The Remote Resetting, Electrically Actuated Inbal Deluge Valve is specifically designed for use in fire protection systems actuated by a remote resetting, electric detection and release system. The Inbal Automatic Water Control Valve used in this deluge system is a pressure operated, sleeve actuated, axial valve designed for use in fire protection systems.

The Inbal Electrically Actuated Deluge Valve is used for automatic or manual operation. Electric activation of the Inbal deluge system requires a solenoid valve controlled by a control (fire alarm & releasing) panel either manually or by heat, smoke, or flame detectors. When the detection system operates, the control panel energizes the Solenoid Valve to open. When the Solenoid Valve is actuated either automatically or manually, or when a manual release
station is operated locally or by remote, the Inbal Deluge Valve opens to flow water from all open sprinklers and/or nozzles on the system. After operation, the Inbal Valve can be reset by remote control, saving the need to approach the Deluge Valve for resetting.