At the end of 2015, a FAT was performed on the extinguishing system InnoVfoam developed for Statoil Refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark. All the components have since been installed on site, and a team of InnoVfoam engineers travelled to Denmark to perform the SAT (Site Acceptance Test).

The Statoil extinguishing system is protecting the refinery’s jetties. In the event of an emergency, a targeted extinguishing operation can be carried out remotely to prevent injuries to personnel and limit damage to jetties, ships and fuel.

For this project, InnoVfoam supplied 3 control cabinets, an RF control panel radio, 6 electronically-controlled monitors and a self-oscillating monitor. The SAT was successful, since the system attained the required flow rate and air throw. Some pictures and a video of the system and the on-site testing are attached.  This was a particularly interesting project which we were able to complete successfully!