On 20 October 2015 InnoVfoam commissioned the Outside Air high expansion foam system for Calanbau GmbH. The system, including foam concentrate, was successfully tested and commissioned in the presence of the local fire department, the end users, the client and testing institution VdS.

The installation is to be used as a fire extinguishing system for a dangerous goods storage warehouse located in Rade, near Hamburg. We supplied 18 high expansion foam generators, with special insulated housings and automatic air vents and also installed nine automatic vent shutters.

In the past year, InnoVfoam has been working on developing its own Hi-Ex system, in compliance with the EN 13565 standard. InnoVfoam delivered the first system in the Netherlands at the end of last year.

Drawing on the experience gained in this project, we continued to further develop the Hi-Ex generator earlier this year. This resulted in a very reliable and highly effective system. The further refinement of the design focused on creating a user-friendly, low-maintenance and reliable system.

This product’s special design makes it extremely easy to install, saving many hours of installation time. The commissioning process, involving foam proportioning tests and a foam test with the system, was performed to the client’s full satisfaction.

Special note: the InnoVfoam high expansion foam generator is equipped with a medium pressure fan to guarantee proper fail-safe operation under all circumstances. This distinguishes it from high expansion foam generators without fans, which are available on the market for outside air use.