In recent years, InnoVfoam has become highly specialised in designing and building integrated foam extinguishing systems that can be placed in a container, or on a steel frame or trailer. We have noticed that each system we produce has to be handled increasingly more often as a separate project. Each system is tailored to the respective customer’s wishes and requirements. While maintaining intensive contact with customers, InnoVfoam’s specialists design the systems using the 3D-program SolidWorks. Working in this way means that any problems can be discovered and solved at an early stage.

Using the extensive test facilities at InnoVfoam’s headquarters, every system is subjected to a mandatory Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) attended by the customer to make sure it meets all the required specifications. Customers appreciate this approach. After a system has been approved, it is shipped to its final destination and prepared for turnkey operation.

InnoVfoam’s integrated foam extinguishing systems are used in and on petrochemical and chemical plants, port installations, helidecks and logistics centres.

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