Fire protection for hangars

We have been providing extinguishing foam systems for hangars and maintenance buildings at airports for many years. Time and time again, we have continued to develop innovative and customised extinguishing foam systems that apply extinguishing foam from the floor under the aircraft, covering any fire or fuel leakage as quickly as possible.

Looking for an experienced and innovative fire extinguishing system developer? We are happy to assist you! We offer customised extinguishing foam systems for main extinguishing systems or underwing protection with solutions such as foam proportioning systems, remote-controlled extinguishing monitors and high- and medium expansion foam systems.

We can provide a variety of PFAS-free fire extinguishing foam solutions, suitable for low, medium and high expansion foam.

We have comprehensive testing and demonstration facilities at our main location in Oudkarspel. We are able to perform Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) here for our customers or give potential new customers better insight into the products, systems and services we provide. We also offer the possibility of testing our fire extinguishing systems on site (SAT), for example on the flow, proportioning and overall performance.

We have installed our fire protection systems with companies such as: Air Berlin, Airbus, Aviation Cosmetic Malta, Düsseldorf Airport, Frankfurt Hahn Airport, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Lufthansa.

We have further developed specific products and systems: our topics. The different topics for this industry can be found behind the photos below.

Electronic foam proportioning system
Lift monitor
High-expansion foam Outside Air
Roof monitor
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Geslaagde oplevering vliegtuig hangars te Hamburg


In June 2013 the InnoVfoam team was present at a live test of a fire extinguishing system in two new production halls of the biggest passenger aircraft in the world. In each hangar the following systems are commissioned: Thanks to the by InnoVfoam supplied advanced operating system, it is possible that the four FWM-6-EL fire extinguishing monitors protect the total surface of the aircraft, the two FWM-4-EL fire extinguishing monitors protect the wings and the body of the aircraft, and the FWM-2-EL monitors protects the cockpit. The joint extinguishing capacity is nearly 40.000 liter per minute water/foam.

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You are always welcome at our office. Together, we can help you find a suitable solution for your fire extinguishing needs. Would you like to find out more about our solutions? Please download the brochure.

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