Benefits of a Lift monitor

The use of a lift monitor has a number of important advantages.

  • Extinguish fires at heights, large extinguishing range

  • Maintenance at floor level

  • No danger of falling

  • No cage ladders and platforms

  • No rolling scaffolds or aerial work platforms

  • No risk of damage from rolling materials

  • No risk of damage/injury from falling parts or tools

  • Free maintenance planning

Fire extinguisher monitor with elevator system

An aircraft represents an enormous value that is only viable when flight hours are maximised. Aircraft maintenance is therefore carried out efficiently and under safe conditions in a hangar that offers optimal protection against fire. To fight a fire inside an aircraft hangar, remote-controlled fire extinguishing monitors are used. This equipment is generally positioned high up in the hangar so that the extinguishing foam/water jet can reach the seat of the fire from above the plane.


InnoVfoam developed a lift system for maintaining this type of fire extinguishing monitor at any time of day, taking away the need to use mobile scaffolding or a fixed cage ladder. The system enables maintenance crews to lower a fire monitor cannon down along a carriage and service it at ground level. This eliminates any risk of damage to the aircraft by a rolling scaffold or falling tools. And it allows the work on the fire extinguishing system to be done systematically and safely. The monitor/lift system disengages the water and control components and lowers the fire extinguishing monitor via specialised technology. Unique connector mechanisms and a secure lock ensure reliable operation. A powerful winch takes care of the vertical movement.


The operation, aiming the fire extinguishing monitor at the source of the fire, can be controlled remotely using a joystick as well as automatically via a thermal-imaging camera. An electric cable winch, which is activated with cable control, is used to lower the fire extinguishing monitor.

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Blustoren Koppers


On a recent project for Koppers, a key customer based in Denmark, we were involved already from the design stage in the development a new fire protection system for their petrochemical plant.  The project is so special thanks to the four tower-mounted firefighting monitors that can reach every corner of the plant. Extinguishing foam is sprayed from strategic positions onto the burning object, for example a storage tank.  We supplied three diesel pumps, each with a pumping capacity of 11.000 litres of water a minute, and a maximum system flow of 22.000 litres a minute during simultaneous use of two pumps. An InnovDos proportioning system adds the 1% fluorine-free Re-Healing extinguishing foam to the main water flow.