Project Description

Fire protection for petrochemical plant in Denmark

On a recent project for Koppers, a key customer based in Denmark, we were involved already from the design stage in the development a new fire protection system for their petrochemical plant. 

The project is so special thanks to the four tower-mounted firefighting monitors that can reach every corner of the plant. Extinguishing foam is sprayed from strategic positions onto the burning object, for example a storage tank. 

We supplied three diesel pumps, each with a pumping capacity of 11.000 litres of water a minute, and a maximum system flow of 22.000 litres a minute during simultaneous use of two pumps. An InnovDos proportioning system adds the 1% fluorine-free Re-Healing extinguishing foam to the main water flow.

The premix is pumped to the four electric fire monitors that sit on top of the 16-metre high concrete towers. Our lift system allows technicians to carry out maintenance work on the fire monitors from ground level.

Premix is also pumped to four tank pits equipped with medium expansion foam generators. The smallest generator has a capacity of approximately 1,600 litres a minute and the largest can generate 12,000 litres a minute. Two radio controls operate the entire system.

All piping and cabling was installed in cooperation with Kemp & Lauritzen.

We provided two training days for Koppers’ staff and tested everything with the fire brigade.

DBA approved the system in accordance with the NFPA guidelines.