Fire protection for storage and logistics

Fast, effective fire extinguishing solutions that require very little water are essential for storage areas that contain hazardous substances. That is why we often recommend a high expansion foam system for protecting storage areas.

We have been supplying a wide range of components and technologies designed for this purpose for many years. We always develop extinguishing foam systems specifically tailored to the needs of our customers. Based on the requirements and products to be stored, we utilise our experience and expertise to deliver an extremely effective extinguishing system.

We work with PFAS-free extinguishing foam in our high expansion foam systems. This ensures that the extinguishing foam has no adverse effects on the environment after application and that it can be disposed of responsibly. This is our way of both meeting all of our customer’s requirements while also contributing to the future.

Our ‘outside air high expansion foam system’ developed in-house has been tested and approved according to EN-13565. In addition, our high expansion foam system is the only system that boasts VdS certification.

Our extinguishing foam systems with high expansion foam are being used at locations such as: Action, Bizon International, Dong Energy, VGP Park Hamburg, Kühne + Nagel, Suez, Brocolor, Henkel, Airbus and VAT Logistics.

Areas of application for high expansion foam
High expansion foam systems are suitable for warehouses, recycling plants and aircraft hangars. When an outdoor air high expansion foam system is used, clean air from outside the area under protection is used to produce the foam. This means that the system can be used without restriction virtually anywhere. The outside air is blown forcefully into the area in which the system is installed. This is done to counter thermals rising from a fire inside the building and strong winds blowing over the roof. The outdoor air is mixed with water/foam concentrate to form the space-filling, high expansion foam.

We have further developed specific products and systems: our Topics. The different topics for this industry can be found behind the photos below.

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Oplevering 34 Hi-Ex 600 generatoren voor opslag Partspoint


InnoVfoam recently joined forces with Aqua+ to install a new fire protection system at PartsPoint Group's new warehouse for automotive parts in Ede. We opted to fit the warehouse with a high expansion foam system consisting of 34 Outside Air high expansion foam generators. The generators were delivered as a plug-and-play package to ensure quick and easy installation on site in January. We specifically chose high expansion foam because of its capability to extinguish fires quickly and effectively with minimal water consumption.

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