Benefits of an EFPS

The use of an Electronic foam proportioning system has a number of important advantages.

  • Immediate adjustment
  • Accurate
  • Easy maintenance
  • Testing without foam consumption
  • Skid-mounted unit, plug-and-play
  • VdS approved geared pump
  • NFPA-11 compliant
  • FAT and SAT tests according to approved protocol

Electronic foam proportioning system

Foam concentrate is proportioned to a water extinguishing system like a sprinkler system when flammable liquids need to be extinguished. The foam that flows out of the nozzles covers the liquid and stops the combustion process. Sometimes foam concentrate is proportioned to extinguish solid materials too. In that case, the addition reduces the surface tension of the extinguishing water, allowing it to penetrate the core better. The required proportioning percentage can be very low. A correct adjustment of the proportioning percentage for the risk to be extinguished is, therefore, a requirement.


InnoVfoam developed an electronic foam proportioning system that efficiently and accurately doses the foam concentrate into the water flow within a vast area. This means that it is suitable for a sprinkler system of which, depending on the fire size, one or many sprinklers open and the flow can, therefore, be unpredictable and variable during the fire extinguishing process. A geared pump with adjustable speed ensures that the correct amount of foam concentrate is always proportioned. This plug-and-play system is delivered as a complete, ready-to- use unit, mounted on a metal frame!


A combination of flow meters in the piping for water and foam concentrate, and an electronic control system guarantee the correct foam proportioning for the intended application. When the water flow changes, the foam concentrate flow will be modified immediately, without any adjustment time. The electronic control system features a test mode that can adjust the foam concentrate flow at any time. Periodic testing of the system in accordance with the applicable regulations without side effects such as foam concentrate consumption and/or discharge obligations of residual liquid is also an important aspect.

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Alfred Talke

The international container operator Alfred Talke has asked us to supply an automatic foam firefighting system for the container terminal in Hürth (Germany). Containers are stored and transhipped in Hürth. Talke's wish was complete fire protection with extinguishing foam using firemonitors that automatically focus on a heat source. We have realized this beautiful project in collaboration with Orglmeister, an expert in the field of thermal imaging technology.