Fire protection at sea

We provide fire protection at sea with extinguishing foam systems for offshore vessels and lifeboats. We have supplied special extinguishing foam systems for the KNRM Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution fleet that are used to extinguish fires in engine rooms, for example. This system has already proven its effectiveness. For offshore vessels, we offer fire extinguishing monitors that are compliant with FiFi classification requirements.

A reliable and convenient extinguishing system that adds as little weight as possible. That is what we can offer you. Are you looking for this kind of fire protection solution and would you like to know more about the options available to you? Please feel free to contact us.

In the shipping industry, we have carried out a number of projects such as for: the KNRM Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (Arie Visser lifeboats), the Municipality of Gorinchem (Blusveerpont Gorinchem X), Holland Special Pumps, Noortgat Shipping Line and the Bremen Fire Brigade.

We have further developed specific products and systems: our Topics. The different topics for this industry can be found behind the photos below.

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