Benefits of Skids

The use of a skid has a number of important advantages.

  • Skid-mounted unit, plug-and-play
  • Custom-made for the installation site
  • Minimal installation work
  • Deliverable in parts
  • FAT and SAT tested according to approved protocol

Skid-mounted systems

Foam concentrate is proportioned to a water extinguishing system when flammable liquids need to be extinguished. The foam that flows out of the foam makers covers the liquids and stops the combustion process. Sometimes, the foam concentrate has to be proportioned to extinguish a local risk, such as a storage tank, with foam without losing any time. In these cases, clients want to be able to proportion decen- tralised foam concentrate.


InnoVfoam produces skid-mounted systems, meaning that a ‘plug-and-play’ foam-proportioning skid is mounted in the water extinguishing system. A custom-made system like that is delivered fully tested and ready to use. Because the system is produced dimensionally stable, hardly any time is lost during assembly and commissioning. Proper preparation guarantees efficient project progress. We produce our systems entirely according to the client’s wishes and design everything client-specific. Clients often want the systems to be delivered in a housing such as an insulated container. In some cases, the system is produced in parts so it can be assembled on site in spaces that are difficult to reach.


The InnoVfoam skid-mounted systems are delivered with mechanical and electrical operation and control, and can be activated in various ways. Especially (automatic) remote control through fire detection or a manned central monitoring unit are solutions that many clients want. InnoVfoam has its own E&I department so all client requirements regarding control functions can be designed, worked out, produced and tested in-house. When you buy from InnoVfoam, a reliable activation of the extinguishing foam system is guaranteed.

This solution includes from the following products

The products are adapted to the wishes and requirements of your specific issue.

Not sure if this system is right for your business?

You are always welcome at our office so that together we can come up with a suitable solution to your extinguishing problem. Do you want more information about this system? You can download our comprehensive brochure for free below.

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FAT test Minera bij InnoVfoam


At the end of 2019, we delivered an extinguishing foam container for our customer Minera Kraftstoffe in Mannheim (Germany).  The container has a complete system which, after the FAT test at our Oudkarspel site, was delivered and installed on site as a plug-and-play system. Inside the container is a storage tank with 9,000 litres of foam, the electronic proportioning system and the switch box for the control. This is connected to two electrically driven fire monitors with a lowering system, which makes it easy to carry out maintenance at ground level. Together, these two fire monitors can supply 14,000 litres of extinguishing foam a minute for optimum fire safety at the transhipment point between quay and ship. After the successful SAT test on site at the client, the system could be put into service at the end of 2019.