Extinguishing foam systems for helipad protection

We have provided fire protection for a great number of helipads. These are typically located on hospital roofs, with very strict requirements for fire safety due to the population density near and around these buildings. Our fire protection systems have also been applied on offshore platforms and ships.

Our Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS) complies with CAP 437 and our Ring FlexiNozzle System and the Fire Monitor System (FMS) comply with ICAO regulations.

We supply a range of technology solutions that ensure efficient extinguishing performance for helipads. Fully customised to the needs of our customers, we offer complete operational extinguishing systems that include extinguishing monitors, a control system and a foam proportioning system. The fire pump, water tank, valves, electrical cabling and pipework are assembled on a steel frame. This will be delivered to you as a completely plug-and-play solution.

We can perform Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) at our location for our customers in our extensive testing facilities. The the requested properties of the products and systems ordered are then tested before delivery. Flow tests, proportioning tests as well as performance tests can be performed with extinguishing monitors or special nozzles. We also offer our customers the option of conducting a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) during which we conduct a full test of our delivered systems after assembly at the customer’s location.

Demonstration options
On the roof of our company building in Oudkarspel, we have integrated 3 different types of helipad systems. This allows us to demonstrate the components included in our extinguishing foam systems (flexi nozzles/pop-up nozzles/monitoring systems) on request.

Our helipad protection systems are in use at locations such as: VU Hospital Amsterdam (NL), Elisabeth Hospital Tilburg (NL), Isala Hospital Zwolle (NL), Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien (AT), Klinikum Rosenhöhe (DE), Klinikum Bad Rothenfelde (DE), Unfallkrankenhaus Frankfurt am Main (DE), Universitätsklinikum Leipzig (DE), Mutterhaus Trier (DE), Universitätsklinikum Freiburg (DE) and Ljubljana Hospital (SI).

We have further developed specific products and systems: our Topics. The different topics for this industry can be found behind the photos below.

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HMC Westeinde

On Tuesday, 7 July 2020, InnoVfoam officially handed over the new helideck system to the HMC Westeinde Hospital in The Hague. With a select group of invitees in attendance, the H1 helideck was successfully tested and taken into use.

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