Benefits of FAT

The use of in-house FAT testing has a number of important benefits.

  • Involvement of the client
  • Quality assurance
  • Error analysis
  • Saving time
  • Cost reduction

Extensive in-house testing facilities

An extinguishing foam system is made up of various technical disciplines, which together must guarantee reliable fire extinguishing. The piping, cabling, control mechanism and flow control all need to form a well-coordinated whole. This can only be guaranteed by testing the whole system according to a thorough testing protocol. This is in the best interest of both the client and InnoVfoam, as the supplier of the product.


We mainly supply client-specific solutions consisting of the disciplines mentioned above of piping, cabling, control mechanism and flow control. We master all these disciplines so we can design and build an entire extinguishing foam system ourselves. Through close contact with the client, we ensure that we deliver the agreed-upon system. The final step in the production process is a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) which the client is welcome to attend. During this test, all parts of the system are tested according to the approved test protocol and demonstrated in our R&D centre. The system is then transported to the construction site after the client’s full approval and satisfaction. Our project managers will be present at the construction site after installation to carry out a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) for the final commission- ing and/or approval procedure.

R&D centre

Our R&D centre is fully equipped to develop and test systems and products. All the disciplines that are key for an extinguishing foam system are available in-house. For sustainability purposes, we use rainwater that is collected in large underground tanks for our testing process. Re- sidual water can be reused or collected as a separate waste stream. Our E&I engineers develop client-specific control systems that are tested in the R&D centre as part of the extinguishing foam system. Automatic control with, for example, thermal-imaging cameras or fibre-optic detection are an increasingly important part of our system automation. During our regular seminars on extinguishing foam, we demonstrate these new technologies.

Not sure if this system is right for your business?

You are always welcome at our office so that together we can come up with a suitable solution to your extinguishing problem. Do you want more information about this system? You can download our comprehensive brochure for free below.

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Eerste EN 13565 Lichtschuimsysteem in Duitsland!

VGP Park Hamburg

On 20 October 2015 InnoVfoam commissioned the Outside Air high expansion foam system for Calanbau GmbH. The system, including foam concentrate, was successfully tested and commissioned in the presence of the local fire department, the end users, the client and testing institution VdS.