Extinguishing system for waste processing or recycling companies

The fire risk posed by storage bunkers with waste incinerators is particularly high. It is crucial for fires and heat generation to be detected at an early stage and to be ‘automatically’ extinguished.

Looking for the right extinguishing system for your waste processing or recycling company? We are happy to help develop a customised extinguishing solution for you. We offer you a total package, including thermal imaging technology applications that automatically detect and extinguish the cause of the fire at its root.

Because different fires require different extinguishing technologies, we offer a variety of suitable extinguishing solutions. In this industry, it is absolutely vital for fire protection systems to perform in unusual circumstances caused by dirt or dust. Thanks to our experience in fire protection for household waste incineration plants, we can provide you with the right advice. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options available.

We offer our customers the opportunity to visit our location for the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), or to test the requested properties of the products and systems we supply after delivery and assembly at the customer’s location with the Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

Over the past several years, we have provided protection for the following household waste incineration plants: Krisiansand (NO), Uddevalla (SW), Vaasa (FIN), Laar (DL), Weener (DL), Hamburg (DL), Bochum (DL), Rostock (DL), Vienna (AT), Hengelo (NL), Roosendaal (NL), Leverkusen (DL) and Västerås (SW).

We have further developed specific products and systems: our Topics. The different topics for this industry can be found behind the photos below.

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HWK Aarberg

HWK Aarberg

For a client in Aarberg, Switzerland, we were commissioned to install a fire protection system inside four waste bunkers in autumn 2020. The system comprises four electric fire monitors with monitor housing, which we developed specifically for this project according to the client's requirements. The housing simplifies the installation procedure and keeps the fire monitor clean from dirt and debris that is released inside the bunker. This guarantees that the monitor operates accurately for years and years. The housing opens automatically as soon as a fire needs to be extinguished, whereby each fire monitor has a capacity of 1,000 litres of premix per minute.

Not sure which solution is right for your company?

You are always welcome at our office. Together, we can help you find a suitable solution for your fire extinguishing needs. Would you like to find out more about our solutions? Please download the brochure.

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