Fire protection for hangars

We have been providing extinguishing foam systems for hangars and maintenance buildings at airports for many years. We develop innovative and customised extinguishing foam systems with rotating nozzles that apply extinguishing foam from the floor under the aircraft, covering any fire or fuel leakage as quickly as possible.

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Helipad protection

Helidecks are typically located on hospital roofs, with very strict requirements for fire safety due to the population density near and around these buildings. We supply a range of technology solutions that ensure efficient extinguishing performance for helipads.

2020-10-29T15:05:22+01:0018 March, 2020|

Offshore fire protection

Oil rig helipads are an essential component of safety evacuation plans. That is why it is necessary to have a helipad extinguishing system that works flawlessly. We offer technology that enables you to protect and maintain helipads in accordance with regulations such as CAP and ICAO.

2020-11-16T14:11:57+01:0018 March, 2020|

Fire protection at sea

We provide fire protection at sea with extinguishing foam systems for offshore vessels and lifeboats. A reliable and convenient extinguishing system that adds as little weight as possible.

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