Advantages of a roof monitor

There are a number of important advantages to using a rooftop monitor.

  • Plug & Play unit

  • Easy assembly
  • Housing protected against damage, moisture, dust and vapours
  • Maintenance access via the roof
  • Large extinguishing surface area, centrally located
  • Automatic or remote controlled

Plug & Play Roof monitor

Buildings with an increased risk of fire often contain obstructions or height differences where the only available option for extinguishing a fire is from a higher position. This means that installing a fire extinguishing system is often impossible in existing buildings, as the activities inside are not conducive to this. In this case, the solution is to place an extinguisher at a central point in the roof that can reach a maximum surface area.


InnoVfoam has developed a ready-for-use fire extinguishing monitor with housing that is installed in a standard roof opening with a kerb frame. When not in use, the housing is entirely closed, keeping the extinguishing technology clean, dry and protected. In the event of a fire, the bottom hatch of the housing opens up completely and the fire extinguishing monitor focuses on putting out the hotspot of the fire.


It can be operated remotely using a joystick as well as automatically via the heat-seeking camera. After performing an extinguishing action using a water or foam jet, the fire extinguishing monitor disappears back into its housing and the bottom hatch closes.


Maintenance can be carried out safely and cleanly from the roof of the building via the hatch at the top of the housing. The hatch allows a maintenance technician to open the housing and perform all the necessary work. The housing is equipped with thermal insulation and a heater, preventing moisture, frost and condensation from affecting the life span of the extinguishing technology.

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HWK Aarberg

HWK Aarberg

For a client in Aarberg, Switzerland, we were commissioned to install a fire protection system inside four waste bunkers in autumn 2020. The system comprises four electric fire monitors with monitor housing, which we developed specifically for this project according to the client's requirements. The housing simplifies the installation procedure and keeps the fire monitor clean from dirt and debris that is released inside the bunker. This guarantees that the monitor operates accurately for years and years. The housing opens automatically as soon as a fire needs to be extinguished, whereby each fire monitor has a capacity of 1,000 litres of premix per minute.