Project Description

The international container operator Alfred Talke has asked us to supply an automatic foam firefighting system for the container terminal in Hürth (Germany).

Containers are stored and transhipped in Hürth. Talke’s wish was complete fire protection with extinguishing foam using firemonitors that automatically focus on a heat source. We have realized this beautiful project in collaboration with Orglmeister, an expert in the field of thermal imaging technology.

2 Remotely controlled fire monitors and 2 Pyrosmart thermal imaging cameras were placed on 2 towers with a height of 14 meters for optimal coverage of the terminal. For the addition of fluorine-free extinguishing foam of the Solberg Re-Healing foam RF3x3 type, a foam mixing container with an electronic foam proportioning system (EFPS) is supplied. With this EFPS system, the foam concentrate admixture is constantly adjusted to the correct value at varying flows, thanks to the special control technology that we have developed.

An emergency generator is installed in the (insulated and heated) container to keep the entire system working in the event of a power failure.

The recently conducted FAT and SAT tests proved that the technology of InnoVfoam and Orglmeister lived up to expectations.