Benefits of a High-expansion foam system

The use of an outside air high expansion foam system has a number of important advantages.

  • VdS approval G418064
  • Plug & play unit
  • Easy assembly
  • Housing protected against damage, moisture, dust and vapours
  • Maintenance access via the roof
  • Slight opening under the roof
  • No storage height limit

InnoVfoam’s outside air high expansion foam system has been developed, tested and approved by / according to EN-13565, EN-1568-2, CE and NFPA. In addition, the system is the only high-expansion foam system with a VdS certificate.

Plug- and Play High-expansion foamgenerator

Warehouses that store hazardous substances are subject to a high risk of rapid-fire spreading. Detecting and extinguishing a fire (of flammable liquids) very quickly is an essential condition. High-expansion foam is used as an extinguishing medium to suppress fires in enclosed (storage) spaces. By filling the room with foam withan expansion of more than 500, the free air is replaced by air that is trapped in the foam bubbles. This effectively suffocates the fire. An insulating blanket of foam reduces heat radiation. The formation of a combustible mixture of flammable vapours and air is disrupted.


A high-expansion foam system with outside air uses fresh outside air for the foam production. This means that the system can be used without restriction virtually anywhere. The outside air is forced inwards by a high-expansion foam generator. This is used to overcome the rising air of the fire inside the building and the strong wind over the building. For the design of our high-expansion foam generator, we take the installation height into account. The generator takes up minimal space inside the building and little architectural modification to the roof is necessary. The installation of the generators in architectural roof openings is straightforward and performed by us. We can install 30 generators per day. Our high-expansion foam generators with foaming of more than 500 produce a lot of foam with relatively little water.
Maintenance to the high-expansion foam generators can be carried out safely and cleanly from the roof side of the building via the hatch at the top of the housing. The housing is equipped with thermal insulation, preventing moisture, frost and condensation from affecting the life span of the system.

The activation

Rapid activation is essential for effective extinguishing. To prevent a wrongful activation of the fire extinguishing system, a heat detection system is used that is based on fibre-optic technology. This system performs permanent temperature measurements in the storage ware- houses. A temperature rise will be immediately detected and localised. In the event of a fire, the high-expansion foam system is activated, the generators and ventilation hatches are actuated pneumatically (CO2) and the fan in the high-expansion foam generator is water-pow- ered, so the system is not dependent on electricity.

This solution includes from the following products

The products are adapted to the wishes and requirements of your specific issue.

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Oplevering 34 Hi-Ex 600 generatoren voor opslag Partspoint


InnoVfoam recently joined forces with Aqua+ to install a new fire protection system at PartsPoint Group's new warehouse for automotive parts in Ede. We opted to fit the warehouse with a high expansion foam system consisting of 34 Outside Air high expansion foam generators. The generators were delivered as a plug-and-play package to ensure quick and easy installation on site in January. We specifically chose high expansion foam because of its capability to extinguish fires quickly and effectively with minimal water consumption.