Project Description

InnoVfoam recently joined forces with Aqua+ to install a new fire protection system at PartsPoint Group’s new warehouse for automotive parts in Ede. We opted to fit the warehouse with a high expansion foam system consisting of 34 Outside Air high expansion foam generators. The generators were delivered as a plug-and-play package to ensure quick and easy installation on site in January. We specifically chose high expansion foam because of its capability to extinguish fires quickly and effectively with minimal water consumption.

Outdoor air high expansion foam systems use clean air from outside the protected area to produce the foam. This allows it to be used at virtually any location. Instead of using the polluted air from combustion gases, the system takes fresh air from outside to produce foam. The reason for this is that polluted air has a disruptive effect on foam production.

Hi-Ex 600

The Hi-Ex 600 generator, together with the corresponding Solberg foam concentrate, was recently tested and approved by inspection body VdS. Certification for the test will soon be issued. The generators individually produce 480 m3 of foam a minute. With an expansion value of around 800, just 1 litre of liquid is needed to produce 800 litres of foam. The generators are equipped with pneumatically operated, fail-safe roof hatches. As such, we can guarantee a fully reliable system.

The generators are scheduled for installation in mid-January, followed by a live test in week 12. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to see photos of the test.