Various types of foam proportioners for precisely proportioning foam concentrate in the water-stream of an extinguishing system can be used. The choice of proportioner depends on a number of factors: the type of extinguishing system, the required capacity, and the available energy, space (inside/outside/size) and pressure.

In order to guarantee effective operations, a foam proportioning system has to be 100% dependable. In this respect, international testing institutes, such as FM/UL and VdS, regard mechanical systems as more operationally reliable than electronic systems. InnoVfoam’s proportioners satisfy the criterion of 100% dependability and rank among the most operationally reliable systems available on the market. InnoVfoam offers unbeatable choice in proportioners and supplies the following types: Wide Range Proportioner, Balanced Pressure Wide Range Proportioner, Balanced Pressure Proportioner, Bladder Tank Proportioner, Inline Inductors, Around the Pump Proportioner and Turbine Proportioner.

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