Project Description

InnoVfoam supplied the entire fire protection package consisting of foam extinguishing and detection systems for a new hangar complex at Malta Airport. Recently, InnoVfoam tested the functionality of all the systems on location. Our client ABBS stipulated that a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) had to be performed before the systems could be shipped to Malta.

For the protection of the two hangars (one for an Airbus A380 and one for an Airbus A320), InnoVfoam delivered seven remote-controlled extinguishing monitors with Inbal valves and 16 thermal imaging cameras.

The cameras can detect a fire in the hangars at an early stage so that it can be competently extinguished. Because two extinguishing monitors are aimed simultaneously at a fire (hotspot), the basic systems could be geared to a lower extinguishing capacity. The quantity of extinguishing agent aimed at a hotspot is nevertheless guaranteed to be sufficient. This ensures that none of the agent is wasted, but a fire is still effectively controlled.

During the FAT, the actual situation on site was simulated as accurately as possible in order to show the total system’s extinguishing capabilities under realistic circumstances. Under the watchful eye of the certification institute VdS, the technical specifications consultant Falck and the client ABBS, the system was successfully tested. Important parameters, such as the system’s response time after detecting actual flames, the automatic targeting of the extinguishing monitors of a hotspot and the extinguishing range with water, were demonstrated.

A number of photos of the tests that were carried out are attached. If you would like to receive more information about the system described above, please contact us by emailing to

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