Project Description

The fire fighting boat ‘Bremen 1’ which was built at Damen for the seaport Bremen (Germany) is equipped with extensive fire fighting facilities. The boat is provided with three electrically operated fire monitors of which two are installed on hydraulic cranes (circled on the photo).

To fight liquid fires, the ship is equipped with a foam proportioning system. A foam concentrate pump can add either 1% or 3% foam concentrate to the fire water by use of wide range proportioners. The use of wide range proportioners makes is possible to apply foam concentrate through hose connections at  both sides of the wheelhouse at a low flow or through  the fire fighting monitors at a high flow.

The system is operated by a touch screen that is installed in the wheelhouse. InnoVfoam BV supplied the fire fighting monitors with PLC operation and the foam proportioning system as well as the system programming and the commissioning.