Project Description

Fire protection helidecks on superyachts

In collaboration with De Vries Makkum, we regularly supply fire extinguishing systems for superyachts.

These luxury boats are approximately 100 meters long and mostly equipped with one helideck at the front and in some cases one at the rear of the ship.

The helidecks are secured with our pop-up system, an around the pump mixer, fittings and a fluorine-free foam (Re-Healing 3%). The pop-up nozzles are given a mirror-8 polish for a suitable appearance and are fully integrated into the deck.

The helideck systems can apply approx. 250 liters of extinguishing foam per minute with 4 pop-up nozzles.

Before everything is installed, we test the fire extinguishing system together with the customer to ensure that the system receives approval from Lloyd’s.