Project Description

At the end of 2016, InnoVfoam successfully commissioned a fire protection system for Dong Energy in Denmark.

Dong Energy A/S is a Danish power company that creates green energy by burning wood chips. When they arrive at the factory, two conveyor belts are used to transport the wood chips to four silos, each of which is 40 metres high. Although these belts are responsible for an increased risk of dust explosion and fire, high expansion (Hi-Ex) foam generators (outside air) and a skid-mounted foam extinguishing system protect Dong Energy from these risks. Should a fire ever break out, the system is able to fill the conveyor belt housing and the storage silos with a smothering high expansion foam.

The decision to use InnoVfoam was an easy one for Dong because of its previous successful experience of our products. InnoVfoam supplied the assembled extinguishing system (skid), the foam concentrate and two high expansion foam generators (outside air) and installed everything on site too. This was an interesting total package that enabled InnoVfoam to showcase its expertise.

The skid supplied was tailored completely to the customer’s wishes and requirements. The system is activated via a section button on the control panel designed specifically for it. Next, fire water is drawn in through the fire water pump from the fire water tank supplied and the pneumatic inlet hatches on the high expansion foam generator are opened automatically too. The water is then pumped to the bladder tank, where foam concentrate is injected. At this stage, the premix is transported to the appropriate section or to the relevant high expansion foam generator/conveyor belt or silo. Finally, the foam produced by the high expansion foam generator in question flows into the silo via the conveyor belt and suffocates the fire.

Looking back, we are pleased to say that the Dong Energy A/S project was a great success.