Project Description

InnoVfoam BV recently supplied the components of advanced foam proportioning systems to EMPL Fahzeugbau in Austria. A long process with the chemical giant from Ludwigshafen, Germany, preceded before the InnoVfoam system was chosen. Eventually there was decided to order 8 industrial foam extinguishing trucks at EMPL including the InnoVfoam proportioning system.

The system exists out of a foam concentrate pump, a pressure sustaining valve, a balancing head and foam proportioners for all hose connections of the truck, including the connection of a fire monitor on the roof. With this system, the user is able to choose between the discharge of water or foam at every connection (1%/3%/6% possibility per connection).

The first trucks are already delivered and successful commissioned. The InnoVfoam technicians were present to support the EMPL technicians at the transfer to the corporate fire brigade of the factory. The trucks will be deployed all over Europe at different factories of the chemical giant.