Project Description

InnoVfoam has built a proportioning system into a 10-ft container for a Belgian customer. The system will be used for the fire protection of an LNG jetty in the port of Zeebrugge.

InnoVfoam took up the challenge to provide the customer with a small yet powerful container-based proportioning system. The efforts made on behalf of the customer led to a container that houses a sizeable amount of equipment, but still has a relatively large space for moving around.

The InnovDos foam proportioning system is built into a 10-ft container. The main pipe, which runs through the container, is fitted with a pressure-reducing Inbal control valve to keep the output pressure constant. A 3% Wide Range Balanced Proportioner guarantees the correct proportioning rate. Effectively using the available space has allowed room for a 2000-litre tank for foam concentrate.

To protect the LNG, eight Hi-Ex generators have been installed. The system’s Hi-Ex foam will, if necessary, provide a covering layer for containing fires that start under the LNG jetty’s loading system. With this type of hazard containment, multiple monitoring of the foam supply is a key factor. No water at all may be used when fighting an LNG fire, which means a rapid response time and fail-safe feedback about the foam proportioning are vitally important.

A combination of measuring and control equipment has been built into the container to ensure that water will never be sprayed on the seat of the fire if the foam concentrate tank runs empty. Because the container is to be placed directly on the jetty, it had to be designed in accordance with ATEX Directives. The extensive accompanying documentation, which provides details of the construction of the container, the materials used and the quality tests that have been performed, has made a significant contribution to improving safety levels at the LNG terminal.