Project Description

In October 2012 InnoVfoam technicians successfully commissioned an innovative foam proportioning system at Chemiepark Gendorf (Germany).

This system was assigned by Lentner Fahrzeugbau GmbH who installed it in a new industrial fire truck for the chemical plant. What makes this system special is the fact that water or foam concentrate can be drawn from any of the 6 hose connections and in case of foam concentrate you can also choose which between proportioning rates of 1%, 3% or 6%. This is also an option for the electrical controlled roof monitor, however, in this case it is initiated by an electrical adjustment. Besides the innovative foam proportioners InnoVfoam also supplied the foam pump system with pressure sustaining valve and balancing head.

During commissioning in Gendorf all systems were tested extensively with low and medium expansion foam which lead to complete approval by the professional Chemiepark Gendorf fire brigade.