Project Description

At the end of September 2016, InnoVfoam successfully put a fire fighting system into operation for a pharmaceutical company in Denmark.

The project involved a large tank farm used for storing alcohols. If any of the tanks were to leak, flammable vapours could escape and fire could break out in the surrounding area, the so-called bund. The skid-mounted foam extinguishing system and medium expansion foam generators were purpose-built to ensure the safety of the entire area. After detecting a hazardous situation, the system is quickly able to cover the bund with a thick, vapour-supressing layer of foam. InnoVfoam supplied the integrated extinguishing system (skid), the (fluorine-free) foam concentrate and the medium expansion foam generators.

The supplied skid was tailored completely to the customer’s wishes and requirements. The unit operates as follows: water is fed from the fire hydrant mains, the firewater pump raises the system pressure to the required level and then foam concentrate from the bladder tank is injected into the main outlet pipe. The entire system is mounted on a steel frame, which also serves as an emergency containment facility. In accordance with the customer’s wishes, the generators were only tested with water.

The skid will ultimately be placed in a heated environment in order to guarantee the quality of the system.