Project Description

Recently, InnoVfoam organised a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for an extinguishing system to be used to protect the Klinikum Lichtenfels


 in Germany. The system has been fully tested on functionality, on location at InnoVfoam, in the presence of the client, the engineering firm, the fire brigade, and the inspector. The system meets the AVV (Allgemeine Verwaltungsvorschrift) that applies to helidecks.

The system is plug and play and comprises an extinguishing pump with control cabinet and remote control unit, a foam proportioning system with distribution system and electrically operated section valves, 2 electrically operated fire extinguishing monitors, and a hydrant cabinet with hose reels. A separate water tank with a volume of approx. 5,000 litres is included in the delivery.

The entire system has been built up on a steel frame, which can be transported in two parts. Because the whole system has been assembled at InnoVfoam – both the water system and the electric cabling – the client will save on assembly costs on location. One of the great advantages of having a FAT performed is that InnoVfoam is able to demonstrate the entire system to the client, and completely test and check it, before delivery. Any deviations can be corrected prior to delivery.

During the FAT the whole system was tested with a flow of 500 liters per minute. Sufficient throw length was reached to cover the entire helideck. Also, the proportioning ratio was measured. According to regulations, this should be between 3.0 and 3.9% and this inspection point was also found to be in order. The final delivery of the system will take place in the 4


quarter of this year. You are able to track the progress of this project on our website.