Project Description

On 10 June 2013 the commissioning of a foam suppression system on the helideck of the hospital in Görlitz, Germany took place. InnoVfoam supplied the components of the foam extinguishing system and commissioned the system in co-operation with the supplier of the helideck, Bitschnau GmbH. The following special requirements that helidecks have to meet according to the German fire protection requirements H1 AVV were taken into account:

The life test showed that the system was able to cover the entire Helipad. The foam extinguishing system meets the AVV/ICAO requirements. The fluorine free Re-Healing Foam RF3 with ICAO-B approval was used. 

The foam extinguishing system consists out of of two remotely operated fire monitors type FWM-3-EL with control panel, a water tank, a water pump and a foam proportioning system with bladdertank. 

The life test was performed successfully, to the satisfaction of all attendees: the aviation authorities of “Bundesland Sachsen”, Mr. Carloff aviation consultant, TüV, authorities of Görlitz, fire brigade Görlitz and the design expert of the helideck.