Project Description

In 2014, InnoVfoam started developing a new high expansion foam (Hi-Ex) generator. This led to the installation of new systems at sites in Germany as well as the Netherlands in 2015. With knowledge gained during these projects, InnoVfoam has been hard at work over the past 12 months to optimise the Hi-Ex generator system.

The optimisation has resulted in the best system available on the market at the present time. The recently completed Hi-Ex system for Sita in Maastricht has convincingly demonstrated that InnoVfoam stands out from its competitors in terms of installation time, testing capabilities and performance. At the Sita site, three chemical storage warehouses are protected with a Hi-Ex system. The system has a flow rate of 600 litres per minute and is capable of completely inundating the warehouses within two minutes. In the presence of officials from Bureau Veritas, the system was completed successfully.  

A special feature of the Hi-Ex 600 is that the apparatus can be fitted as a complete unit in the roof space and directly connected to the water mains, which reduces costs and saves time compared to using conventional light foam generators.

A number of photos and video footage of the completion procedure are attached.