Project Description

On Saturday, 18 June 2016, Lanaval shipyard delivered the new “


” ferry to Teso in Texel harbour.

A delegation from InnoVfoam was invited to attend the festivities. To mark the occasion, InnoVfoam’s managing director Johan Koekkoek presented a special memorial sign to Teso’s managing director Cees de Waal and Project Manager Bert de Jonge.

InnoVfoam supplied the foam fire fighting systems and fire detection systems for the car decks on the technologically advanced ferry. The fiber-optic-based fire detection system in particular is an innovation that has never been used before on a ferry boat.

Because the Texelstroom will operate in the Wadden Sea region, a fluorine-free foam extinguishing agent was chosen that will minimise the risk of environmental damage.

After extensive trials, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping has fully approved InnoVfoam’s systems.

InnoVfoam would like to congratulate Teso on the delivery of the ferry.