Project Description

For our Austrian customer Krobath Gebäudetechnik und Service Gmbh & Co KG


 two InnoVfoam engineers travelled in week 28 2014 to Vienna to commission a fire extinguishing system. It concerns the security of a new airplane hangar 7 at airport Schwechat in Vienna, Austria.

Innovfoam supplied for this hangar four electrically operated FWM-4-EL firefighting monitors with each a capacity of 4.200 liter per minute at 5 bar. Besides we supplied foam proportioners, foam concentrate, medium foam generators, two control cabinets with remote control units.

A successful live test with water was performed. The fire brigade of the airport was present during the live test and very happy with the results of the test. Also, the InnoVfoam engineers gave training about the operation and the control of the system to the airport staff.