Project Description

Wien Energie, which operates several household waste incineration plants, selected InnoVfoam BV to supply the extinguishing system for the waste bunker at its Flötzersteig location (Vienna, Austria).

In September 2016, the fully automatic system, which comprises two extinguishing monitors with integrated foam proportioning that are controlled by thermal imaging cameras, was put into operation by InnoVfoam engineers.

Fire in the waste bunker is detected by the cameras at an early stage, and immediately and effectively extinguished by powerful jets of foam.

InnoVfoam’s E&I department designed and built the operating system with Siemens PLCs for the extinguishing monitors under own management. The extinguishing monitors can also be operated remotely from two portable control units with a touchscreen.

Both Wien Energie and the client Accuro Sonderloschanlagen enthusiastically expressed their complete satisfaction with the system supplied by InnoVfoam.