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InnoVfoam Journaal

InnoVfoam Journaal: DIFFS

We already told you in October about our intention to give you monthly news updates on the latest projects and developments in the field of extinguishing foam techniques. This month, in our very first official news bulletin, we're focusing on the helicopter platform with DIFFS system.

2020-11-16T15:01:58+01:0016 November, 2020|InnoVfoam Journaal|

Walkthrough InnoVfoam

The last few years we have regularly informed you via newsletters and social media. To keep you up to date of our developments, we now present the InnoVfoam Journal. These news bulletins will be presented to you by our own employees.

2020-11-16T14:56:27+01:009 October, 2020|InnoVfoam Journaal|
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