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Fire monitors

InnoVfoam supplies fire monitors that can be operated from a water-powered oscillation unit, or manually or electrically. Under a given pressure and capacity, InnoVfoam fire monitors have an optimum throw length. InnoVfoam also supplies fire monitor trailers and skids for mobile use. InnoVfoam/Europoles towers with a monitor lift are supplied for stationary systems.

InnoVfoam is also specialised in completely electrically operated fire monitor systems that can be delivered in accordance with the specific customer’s wishes with, for example, a simple standard control panel or a fully automated PLC-operating system with one or more infrared cameras. Our experts provide support during the installation process from start to finish in order to guarantee successful end results.

InnoVfoam’s fire monitor systems are used in and on petrochemical and chemical plants, port installations, aircraft hangars and helidecks.

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