Inbal Pre-Action valve

The Inbal Pneumatically Actuated, Double Interlocked, Preaction Valve utilizes an Inbal Dry Pipe Valve and a pneumatic pilot system. The Inbal Valve is controlled by pressure maintained in the pneumatic release system and supervisory pressure maintained in the sprinkler piping system.

The Inbal Double Interlocked Preaction Valve will open to fill the sprinkler system with water only after both of the following occurrences: Activation of the release system and relieving of supervisory pressure from the sprinkler system. As soon as the releasing system and the sprinkler piping are reset, the Inbal Double Interlocked Preaction Valve resetting is merely done by activating the reset knobs. If only the pneumatic release system operates, an alarm will activate but the Inbal Valve will not open. If the sprinkler piping is damaged or a sprinkler is broken or fused but the pneumatic release system has not activated, an alarm will activate without opening the Inbal Valve.